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All business have to make tough decisions and Meridian IT is no exception. In 2008, they made the decision not to build their own phones but instead opt for a wholesale strategy that would provide them with even better prices on communication devices by negotiating substantial discounts from suppliers which enabled them pass savings onto customers as indicated in this passage: “This includes cost of equipment purchases made through our company too- no more worries about spending money unnecessarily.”

We have over 40 years of experience in the business communication industry and will provide you with whatever it is that your organisation needs! We offer a range of high-value products to suit all organisations around the UK.


Making The Right Decisions

With the huge range of telecoms available on the modern market, making decisions about what technology is right for your business can be a stressful decision. But our wealth of experience means that we are able to help you make sure you're picking out just the right one for your company!


Unbiased Advice

We want to get to know your company and help you by creating a package that’s tailored for the needs of both your business and its future. With our free digital health check, we'll assess all aspects of what makes up your existing phone system providers as well as any plans in place or ideas about how it can grow with time.


Quality Products & Services

At Meridian IT, we offer the full range of communication devices and services for business. Whether you need a modern digital telephone system or high-speed broadband that's affordable to suit your budget, our company has it all!